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If there were a doctoral program in the art, science and business of beautiful hair, Sheila Stotts would be president of the university.

“Education is the key to excellence in any field and it is no different in the beauty industry. I have spent my entire career either getting or giving education,” says Sheila. The world’s leading authority and innovator for hair extensions, Sheila has built her business by aiming to exceed her client’s expectations, and by acting on her sense of responsibility to her industry and her community.

Sheila’s thirty eight year career as a stylist, student of hair design and hair extensions led her to pioneer the development of products, tools and techniques adopted by the entire hair extension industry. Today her expertise as a color virtuoso and hair extension artist is a precious commodity sought by both manufacturers, leading beauty professionals and a prestigious clientele.

This dynamic artist and her personally trained staff regularly travel the world doing celebrity makeovers for feature films, photo shoots, award shows, televisioncommercials, music videos, world tours, and Vegas reviews. In Los Angeles, Sheila and company work out of her private invitation only studio, on location or in the homes of some of the best-known names in the entertainment industry and corporate America.

Not all of Sheila’s clients are famous. “Some of the most satisfying work I have ever done has been on people that have lost their hair through medical conditions,” says Sheila. “All stylists live for the look of delight and sometimes tears of joy that spill out of a client’s eyes when they look in the mirror and see the beautiful change,” she continued. “There are no words to describe the feeling we get when we know we have been able to help someone get back their confidence and self-esteem – we transform lives.”

Studio service extends to teaching clients to style and maintain their new hair themselves. “Clients want to express their individuality through their total image and the hair is a big part of that look. We show our clients three or four ways to wear their hair, what grooming and make-up products are best for them, how to care for their skin and body, and finally, how to care for their environment,” explains Sheila. She and her talented staff use color, cutting, hair extensions, hair pieces and wigs to create versatile designs that complement current fashion trends.

On the horizon for the vivacious “Goddess of Hair Extensions” is her extended signature product line and as she says “I have enough content now for a book…well, a few books”. Sheila has helped develop products for the biggest hair extension manufacturers over the years. Now, using her prodigious background and years of hands-on experience, Sheila has innovated state-of-the-art application, removal, styling and cutting tools along with education programs for professional stylists. “There are a lot of wrong ways to apply hair extensions; we have seen horrendous consequences of improperly applied extensions. 75% of damage is actually due to improper removal. I believe we can make an enormous impact in the professional community through education and our line of innovative products,” said Sheila. .

Coming soon will be a line of high quality, all natural hair care products and styling aids which will be available to the public through the website and professional salons.

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