Sheila Stotts Removal Brush

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The Original Remover of Tangles with DRAINAGE HOLE.

  • DRAINAGE HOLE for use in the shower, shampoo bowl, & with wet products
  • Plastic handle 
  • Metal bristles detangle quickly
  • Never catches on extension attachments
  • Caring for your Brush

The original, classic, plastic brush with metal, needle-like teeth makes detangling hair a breeze. Can also be used in the shower for detangling wet hair or to distribute conditioner while massaging the scalp. Great for the men wearing hats for hours on end or simply those that love a good old fashion brushing.

The unique design contains nine anti-static metal teeth rows that won’t sink into the rubber cushion or catch on extension attachments regardless of type. It’s made with entirely synthetic materials, so working with the liquids necessary for extension removal won’t harm the brush.  Helps make the extension removal process a snap.  With drainage hole to dispel water and adds flexibility.

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Customer Reviews

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Great brush!

I have hand tied extensions and I always struggled with other brushes, this one is the first one that I really feel like it is completely brushing through all of my hair. I am obsessed!

Detangles blonde

After recently highlighting my long blonde virgin hair I noticed how easily my hair became a nasty tangled mess in the shower. My stylist recommended your brush and now I use it while conditioner is in my hair in the shower and it has made a world of difference! I was almost regretting my highlights—now it’s all good!

Great brush

We love it! Thank you

Game changer!

As a hairstylist I have to often brush clients hair out while its wet at the shampoo bowl. This brush detangles all the teasing from highlights with absolute ease. I thought it was going to be similar to the wet brush, but its WAYYY better. Me & my clients are happier. Worth every penny

My ONLY Brush

This brush is amazing. I have incredibly thick hair and most 'wet brushes break within the first few days of using them. This brush works amazing on my hair, wet or dry and the quality is great. It does not feel like it is going to break on the toughest of knots. I will never own another brush!