Sheila Stotts – Hair Extensions For a Beautiful Change

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Hair Extensions can do a lot more than just create length. Texture, Volume, Shape and Color can all be changed using hair extensions.

Singer, actress, model, and philanthropist Barbara Baldieri-March, has been a client of Sheila’s for over 20 years. It is Barbara’s beautiful face surrounded by Sheila’s hair designs that you see in her many beautiful changes throughout this website. Check out Barbara’s newest and most rewarding passion, at

Studio Snaps

Cancer survivor, “Lisa” came in with hair regrowth after chemo that was 1-1/2” long. “Can you give me back my long hair?” she asked. We could and we did and when we were finished, here is what she had to say, “The extensions are so light and comfortable, they look better than my own hair ever did! I was very nervous and wondered how they were going to make the hair look natural but it looks better than I ever imagined! I feel pretty again, you can’t imagine what this has done for me on an emotional level.”

Sheila sat behind these women at the local junior football league game where their son’s played on the same team. Sheila thought, “I wonder if these gals know what their hair looks like from the back.” Both women are big volunteers for the league and busy working moms, both deserved a hair makeover and both received just that from the staff at Sheila’s Studio. Amazing what a mere 4 or 5 bundles of well placed hair extensions can do. Talk about a beautiful change!

Bad Extensions and How We Fix Them

Improperly applied hair extensions can be uncomfortable and obvious. Even worse, bad hair extensions can damage hair, cause hair loss, and, at their worst, cause painful scalp problems that require medical treatment.

Here are few examples of bad hair extensions before and the beautiful change after our corrections.

Ouch - These Hurt!

These extensions were applied with wax. The sections are too large and have too much hair in them. One week after application they are obvious and painful.

Bad Extensions Speak for Themselves - Loudly!

Here are best friends who both have hair extensions – one girl had her extensions done elsewhere, our client is midway through her application process, before any cutting or styling has been done. Can you tell which is which?

Hair Loss

Improperly applied extensions not only cause pain and discomfort but also damage hair and cause hair loss as shown in these photos. Luckily, this client was referred to us and we were able to create a really beautiful change out of a very ugly situation.