Sheila Stotts Application Brushes

Sheila Stotts Application Brushes

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Sheila Stotts Application & Purse Size Application Brush

  • Signature wooden handle
  • Metal bristles detangle quickly
  • Never catches on extension attachments
  • Each Sold Separately 

A solid maple wood version of our Original Removal Brush.  The signature Sheila Stotts Application and Purse Application Brush with the solid maple wood handle are comfortable to grasp and the tough metal bristles are anything but when it comes to detangling hair and massaging the scalp. The purse size version is great for teaching children how to brush their own hair with the smaller size that fits perfectly in their hands and is just the right size for tossing in a purse or travel bag to brush on the go.  

Great for the men wearing hats for hours on end or simply those that love a good old fashion brushing.

Anti-static technology means no fly-aways and won’t catch on extensions regardless of the way they are attached. With a solid wood handle, the Application Brush distinguishes itself for use not only when doing dry work but eliminates the possibility of contaminating application and removal tools when working with extensions.


$44.00 Purse Size

$50.00 Regular size

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Customer Reviews

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Luxurious hair tool
I’d repurchase..
Bristles broken off/wearing down
Hi Molly!! Thank you for your feedback!! We're sorry to hear about your brush!! We often see this happen for a couple different reasons. The first being how the brush itself is stored and traveled with. If the brush is stored with things on top of it or against something, i.e. in a drawer, storage container, purse or suitcase, with lots of pressure this will cause the pad and bristles to break down faster. The second being when the Application Brush is used with wet products or in the shower with it having a wooden handle and no drainage hole allowing excess liquid to get trapped causing the wood, pad and bristles to break down as well. We always recommend storing the brush with the bristles up and nothing on top putting pressure on them and when traveling making sure it is not trapped against the side or with lots of stuff packed on top. If you do like to use your brush with wet products or in the shower the removal brush is the brush you want to use since it has a plastic handle and drainage hole that allows for liquid to expel and dry out. We are happy to answer any questions you have, simply contact Have a beautiful day!!
Bristles are sharp and hurt scalp

Hi A.M.!! Thank you for your feedback!! With the Application and Removal Brushes having metal bristles you do not have to brush hard to move the brush through the hair. When using brushes with plastic bristles we have a tendency to brush harder to get through the tangles but with our brushes you can brush gently without hurting your scalp and still detangle with ease. Keeping this in mind when brushing should help to alleviate any discomfort. Please contact us with any questions.