Step 1: Professional Consultation

The integrity of the client’s own natural hair is our utmost priority. Hair color and condition are evaluated, client’s goals are discussed, supplies are ordered. Services are booked after personal consultation. All services are custom and confidential.

Step 2: Shampoo
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Hair is washed with specially formulated detoxifying and kelating shampoo and given a preliminary cut if necessary.

Step 3: Preparation
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Hair is dried, cuticle is pressed down.

Step 4: Sectioned
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Head is meticulously sectioned based on the bone structure, density of natural hair, and according to the pre-determined custom designed pattern for the chosen style.

Step 5: Painstaking Application
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Hair extensions are painstakingly applied with mathematical precision. This is where the professional’s training and experience make or break the quality of the application.

Step 6: Cut and Style

Hair is cut and styled; style options and maintenance are discussed.