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What is the difference between the Application and the Untangle aka Removal brush?

The main difference of these two brushes is that the Application brush is made of a solid maple wood handle and is not intended for using in the shower or shampoo bowl. While the Untangle aka Removal brush is made with a plastic handle and can be used on soaking wet hair, in the shower or shampoo bowl with a drainage hole to dispel water. Both brushes have the same signature rubber pad for flexibility and metal teeth for easy detangling. Both can be used on dry or damp hair, and are great for styling. Size difference below, in order from largest to smallest: Application Brush, Untangle brush, Purse size Application brush.


Can I use the Application Brush on soaking wet hair?

With the Application Brush having a wooden handle it is not meant for wet work on hair. The brush may break down if it is in contact with water. When water seeps in (even the tiniest amount from wet hair) it expands the wood, causing the sealant to stretch, when the wood dries and the water evaporates the sealant is no longer tightly secured to the brush, it becomes “cloudy” and can start to chip off. The water will break down the sealant and the wood with consistent use with water. It is best to use this brush on dry or damp hair only. 

How do I clean my brush?

Please see our Brush Care section for detailed instructions on how to properly care for and clean your brush.

What is the Birth Mark on the Untangle brush?

You may notice the top of your Untangle brush has a birth mark! As this brush is made of a plastic handle this is what we call a birth mark. All Untangle brushes have this mark due to where it is detached from the mold. We take the mark down as much as possible without sacrificing the integrity of the handle construction. With using such a durable material there is only so much we can do before the material itself is no longer viable and we are not willing to take that chance. Some marks are more pronounced than others due to making sure we are not affecting the integrity of the material and strength of the handle. 

We would rather have an imperfection that does not cause harm or interfere with the function and longevity of the brush than make it visually perfect affecting the integrity of the handle causing it to deteriorate.

Which brush is best suited for my hair?

For fine to medium hair: Our Untangle aka Removal, Application, Boar and Mixed Boar & Nylon brush will work fantastic. If you have very fragile hair the Boar brush will be the most gentle.

For medium to thick hair: Our Untangle aka Removal, Application, and Mixed Boar & Nylon brush will be best suited for you.

All of our Quick Dry Oval and the Wood Flat Iron brushes are suitable for all hair types.

Is my new boar brush causing static and flyaways in my hair?

The boar bristles are dry when the hairbrush is new. These need to absorb some of the natural oils and moisture from your hair. After a while, the hair should settle down.

Flyaways and static can also occur from weather changes: In the winter, when the air is generally dry due to the lack of natural humidity, especially when the heater is running, and in the summer, when you are in air-conditioned buildings.



How can I make an appointment at Sheila Stotts' Studio?
Please email Salon@SheilaStotts.com

What is a hair extension?
Hair extension is a term in a broad category of hair addition products that add synthetic or natural human hair for longer, fuller, thicker hair with improved or different texture and enhanced or a altered color. Hair additions can be a hairpiece that is clipped in for a day, a weft that is clipped, taped, glued or sewn in for a month or individual extensions that are braided in, braids that are sewn in and hair extensions applied by metal clamps, glue, wax, plastic shrink tube or polymer base and worn for 6 – 24 weeks.

Why use hair extensions?
Hair extensions provide the professional stylist the opportunity to make a dramatic change in the overall appearance of the hair and it's wearer. Properly applied, hair extensions can provide unlimited choices in style, color, length, thickness and texture. Extensions add dimension like thicker bangs or a wispy fringe that would take months or years to grow. Bad haircuts can be corrected with just a few well placed extensions in spot areas. Hair extensions are a great new tool to experiment with new styles and colors. For the person suffering from thin hair due to illness, aging or heredity, hair extensions can provide healthy, thick, beautiful, natural looking hair in almost any length, color or style. Extensions can take years off a client's appearance.

Are hair extensions comfortable?
The term hair extension describes a number of various forms and techniques for adding hair. We use a wide variety of custom hair additions including tiny individual strands applied by experienced professionals using Sheila Stotts exclusive, revolutionary techniques and tools. Properly applied, hair extensions are the most comfortable to wear, the longest lasting, the least detectable and the kindest to your own hair!

Will hair extensions damage existing hair?
The integrity of the client's own hair is never compromised! Sheila Stotts has developed hair products, tools and techniques that are absolutely state-of-the-art in hair extensions. Traditional glues, hot waxes, sewing, and metal clamps are often damaging to hair: these methods are not used in the Sheila Stotts System. Instead, a pre-bonded 100% human hair strand is seamlessly integrated with individual hair strands using a durable polymer similar to the natural Keratin protein found in human hair. 75% of all breakage and hair damage from wearing hair extensions is due to improper removal. Sheila Stotts revolutionary system cuts removal time in half and minimizes the risk of damage.

Are hair extensions easily detected?
The point of attachment is virtually invisible and provides unlimited styling options. We work with different sized polymer bonds that are the same color as the hair strand. The average bond is about the circumference of grain of rice and can be as small as the tip of a toothpick. This permits the application of very fine strands in areas where other hair systems cannot be used because of the difficulty of disguising the point of attachment.

Do hair extensions require special care?

After the application, the hair can be treated and styled just like the client's own natural hair. As with any new style, the hair professional teaches the client styling and maintenance techniques and recommends appropriate hair care products.

How long can hair extensions be worn?
Applications can be worn for 6 to 24 weeks. The average extension application is worn for about 12 weeks.

How durable are hair extensions?
The polymer bond meshes with the individual hair strands rather than merely coating the surface of the natural hair. The resulting bond is extremely resilient, allowing strands that will withstand the most vigorous lifestyles!

How long does it take to have hair extensions applied?
The length of time needed for application varies depending on the number of hair bundles needed, existing hair condition and style, and the look to be achieved. A full style change would obviously take much longer than repairs to fill in a shape. Applications typically take anywhere from 1-1/2 to 6 hours to complete. The average lengthening and thickening process takes about 3 hours.

What is the application process?
Please click here for a detailed explanation of the hair extension application process.

What are the extensions made of?
Sheila uses hair extensions made from the highest quality human hair available in the world.