Sheila Stotts Untangle Brush aka the Removal Brush

Sheila Stotts Untangle Brush aka the Removal Brush

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The Original Remover of Tangles with DRAINAGE HOLE.

  • DRAINAGE HOLE for use in the shower, shampoo bowl, & with wet products
  • Plastic handle with flexible rubber cushion
  • Gentle metal bristles detangle quickly
  • Never catches on extension attachments
  • Size comparison of Untangle Brush and Untangle Wood Brush here
  • Caring for your Brush

The original, classic, plastic brush with gentle metal needle-like teeth makes detangling hair a breeze. Can also be used in the shower for detangling wet hair, shampooing while massaging the scalp and to distribute conditioner. Great for the men wearing hats for hours on end or simply those that love a good old fashion brushing.

The unique design contains eleven anti-static gentle metal teeth rows that won’t sink into the flexible rubber cushion or catch on extension attachments regardless of type. It’s made with entirely synthetic materials, so working with the liquids necessary for extension removal won’t harm the brush.  Helps make the extension removal process a snap.  With drainage hole to dispel water and adds flexibility.


  • Length: 8.5"
  • Width: 2.5"
  • Height of bristles: 1.25"

You may notice the top of your Untangle brush has a birth mark! Read more here.

Brush Care: If the brush is used in the shower or on very wet hair you should always expel any excess water from the brush by pushing on the pad to squeeze out water through the drainage hole. After, the brush should be placed face down on a countertop after use so any residual water can drain from the drainage hole. If the brush is being used with hair products such as mousses, gels, or hair sprays, which if allowed to accumulate may also cause the rubber cushion to deteriorate prematurely. When finished using your brush with products, be sure to rinse the brush and shake it from side to side and squeeze pad to remove any excess water through the drainage hole and leave to dry on a hard, flat surface with the teeth facing downwards as to not let any residue “pool” on the rubber pad to prevent bleaching or cracking of the pad and keep bristles rust free.

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Customer Reviews

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Maiya J
Life changing hair brush

I LOVE this hairbrush!! It’s amazing for scalp health. My husband uses it too and loves it! I never thought I would spend $40 on a hairbrush. If it lasts for years, which I hope it does, it’ll be totally worth it! I loooove how it feels on my scalp. If you have an extremely sensitive scalp, this might not be for you. Overall though, I recommend it!!

Tess Karwoski
Love this brush!

Honestly, I get excited about brushing my hair, especially before bedtime. Besides the benefits to my hair, it’s a a soothing scalp massage at the end of the day.

Leilani K.

This brush has changed my world! My daughter has very curly/coily hair and brushing through it was a nightmare. We've tried every brush imaginable, tangle teezer, wet brush, pattern brush, you name it we've tried it. It was a chore no one in the house looked forward to because of the tears from not only her but myself as well. We've been using this brush for about the last month and I cannot express to you how wonderful this brush is. We use it while she's in the bath to comb through the conditioner, to style her hair (works great with a defining cream to make the perfect ringlet clumps) and even to detangle DRY!! I mean what!?! I never would've thought we could brush her hair without massive amounts of conditioner in her hair!! And NO TEARS!!! Doing her hair has become so enjoyable for the both of us, she is excited to create new styles and experiment with her hair now. Thank you so much for creating this brush! I'm very grateful my good friend recommended this brush to me. If you have curly hair run and get this brush!

Laura Mayo

Gets the tangles out beautifully and does not hurt my sensitive scalp!


Luxurious! Balanced pressure on the scalp. Feels great! Other brushes I’ve tried can be a little too aggressive on the scalp. This one is perfectly balanced. Love this brush so much that I’ve purchased a number of them for stocking stuffers this Christmas!