Sheila Stotts Mixed Natural Boar & Nylon Bristle Brush

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Sheila Stotts Mixed Natural Boar & Nylon Bristle Brush

*Not sold as a set

  • Includes two types of bristles
  • Brings out natural sheen
  • Detangles easily and quickly
  • Won’t catch on extension attachments 
  • Caring for your Brush
  • Each Sold Separately


$110.00 Purse Size                    $120.00 Regular Size

Choosing the right brush can be confusing. If you’ve been torn between a brush with nylon bristles and one with natural boar, your choice is easier than ever. This exceptional brush offers a combination of nylon and boar, intermixed to deliver a unique and complete brushing experience. Healthy scalp equals healthy hair. The two types of bristles work together to help stimulate scalp blood flow while also exfoliating. It also works to distribute the scalp’s natural oils which helps protect and strengthen the strands of the hair. Use it for daily brushing, styling and to detangle. Plus it won’t catch on extension attachments.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Itzel R
The best brush ever!

This hair brush is such a game changer. It leave my hair shiny, smooth, and it definitely does not leave my hair statically.

Happy Hair & Scalp!

I use this brush everyday and it makes me smile. Great way to start my day with a scalp massage. I give this brush as a gift to my friends! Love it.

Carolina Falzarano
Simply Amazing!

I can already see the difference in my hair after only two weeks of use. I have been using a regular brush for years and recently I felt that brushing it was so hard and it was causing so much brakeage. I decided to invest in a Sheila Stott brush and a silk pillow case and WOW the difference. Also bonus points for how incredible this brush feels on the scalp, its like a mini massage.

Kimberly Rhonemus
Scalp Awareness

This is addictive. Makes scalp feel amazing , doesn’t rough up extensions!

Robert Vetica
5 stars

Sometime you need just a little extra and this is the perfect combination . Sheilas brushes combine both weight and demensions ,, handles like a PRO