Sheila Stotts Removal Brush

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The Original Remover of Tangles. 

  • Plastic handle and drainage hole for use in the shower or shampoo bowl.
  • Metal bristles detangle quickly
  • Never catches on extension attachments

The original, classic, plastic brush with metal, needle-like teeth makes detangling hair a breeze. Can also be used in the shower for detangling wet hair or to distribute conditioner while massaging the scalp. Great for the men wearing hats for hours on end or simply those that love a good old fashion brushing.

The unique design contains nine anti-static metal teeth rows that won’t sink into the rubber cushion or catch on extension attachments regardless of type. It’s made with entirely synthetic materials, so working with the liquids necessary for extension removal won’t harm the brush.  Helps make the extension removal process a snap.  With drainage hole to dispel water and adds flexibility.

Customer Reviews

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Excellent Brush!

For me, the best feature of this brush is that you can actually remove hair and lint from the brush without any effort. You know all those other brushes that have the little nubs at the bottom of each bristle? Those are impossible to remove lint and all the hair from because it gets wrapped tightly around the bristles and the little nubs block the removal. Ugh! I’ve tried needle-nosed tweezers, nothing works. But you won’t have that problem with Sheila Stott brushes. Plus, they are great at detangling hair. I bought one for myself, two for my nieces, and one to brush my long-haired dogs with. These are worth every penny.

Love This Brush

I love this brush and I’ve purchased quite a few for family members and friends. I won’t use anything else!!

Removal Brush

We love the Removal Brush and so do our clients!

Love the way it brushes, won’t last long

This brush is amazing overall, but I’ve already lost a bristle in less than 3 weeks. I don’t think it’s going to last long and it’s a pricey brush.

Hi Casey!! Thank you for your feedback!! Our removal brushes have an intentional drainage hole. Often people mistake this for a missing bristle but it is intentional. With this brush having a plastic handle it is perfect for use in the shower, shampoo bowl, or with wet products. The hole allows for the moisture to dry out minimizing the formation of rust and mildew that can cause the pad to break down.
Love this brush !!!

This brush feels so good on my scalp ! I wear extensions and they don’t snag them at all ! I won’t be without this brush ever !! ❤️❤️❤️