Sheila Stotts Advanced Removal Tool (ART)

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• Solvent-holding chamber maintains integrity of hair
• Delivers precise amount of solvent for easy bond removal
• Serrated teeth accelerate bond breakage, reducing removal time without damaging hair
• Exclusive advanced design only from hair extension expert Sheila Stotts

A finely tuned instrument in the right hands can create beautiful music. In expert hands, it can create a symphony. The art achieved with this professionally crafted Advanced Removal Tool (ART) is positively symphonic. In your hands, you can decrease the removal time of hair extensions by as much as 50 percent. Because of the unique chamber that holds and disperses an exact amount of solvent, bonds are softened and the integrity of hair is preserved. Solvent is delivered only to the bond site. At half the weight of other tools, ART is easier to hold, maneuver and use. Serrated teeth are exactly spaced and engineered to not close entirely, thus protecting hair from potential breakage while accelerating bond removal.

Hair is left healthier looking and feeling. This is ART in your hands.

TO USE: Click on image for detailed, illustrated instructions.